Design and Product at Breather

I don’t generally write a blog post surrounding articles about Breather, but this one is a little different. 

Invision did an interview with the Product team at Breather. The lens they chose was Design.

Design is something we care deeply about, not just the product team and designers, but everyone from the engineers to customer service reps. We live and breathe design on a day to day basis at Breather. I am not a designer, my wife is, my coworkers are. What I need to be is someone who empathizes with designers. 

Design and experience are the two elements that distinguish us from the competition. Whether that be direct competition, your office, a coffee shop or the library. Your mood can be directly affected by the environment you work in. How you feel will have an impact on your work. At Breather we try our best to ensure that whatever state you enter our rooms in; whether you’re upset, cranky, just plain burnt out; that we offer you the best experience possible. 

People ask me quite a bit, how did you end up here, at such a cool company? Why is Breather successful? The answer is actually really simple. There’s no “top 10 ways to ensure you reach product market fit”, “learn to lead in 3 easy steps” or some mystical strategy shrouded in secrecy. These days people are looking for snackable advice or an easy way to succeed. The advice I can offer based on my experience is two fold. 

Focus on two things to build a great product.  

Find people who truly give a shit about what you are building.

Build it better than anyone else.

This is what we strive to do at Breather. I am never satisfied with our product. The day I am, is the day I leave. We strive for perfection and we use design as the medium.

I couldn’t be more proud of of my teammates. This isn’t a solo effort. This company, our design and our ethos is the culmination of a group of likeminded and somewhat crazy individuals who take great pride in what we do.

Here’s the original article if you’re interested.


Special thanks to Ricardo Cellere for the bad ass pic of the product team.

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